Fire Protection for Cranford residents began in 1892 when the township purchased a hose wagon to extinguish fires, a major improvement over the inefficient bucket brigade. Nearly one hundred years later, the Cranford Fire Department continues its mission to provide protection and prevention of fire to the residence of this township.

The Department operates from one station, centrally located on Springfield Avenue, across from the Municipal building. We utilize three engines, one tower ladder, and a heavy rescue.  Three personal vehicles (Pick-up, Van, SUV) are used for inspections, work details, Etc. The station is staffed 24/7 with anywhere from five to seven personnel depending on vacation or sick leave. We have four crews, each consisting of one captain, one lieutenant, one inspector and four firefighters. Our manpower is supplemented by on-call firefighters. The Call department consists of twenty one members. The Fire Department calls upon these individuals for structure fires, weather  emergencies, or any incident the commander feels the extra help is needed.

The members of the fire department do more than just fight fires. The Department has eighteen state certified Emergency Medical Technicians. So at a moments notice we can provide medical treatment when an ambulance is unavailable.  We perform building inspections, hydrant inspections, and conduct annual hose testing. On a daily basis the firefighters keep all apparatus and equipment in pristine working condition. Our fire prevention program is second to none. Our inspectors visit every school and teach children the ABC's of fire safety. They also visit with the Township's senior members and instructs them on kitchen safety. They institute annual inspections on healthcare facilities, our larger corparate buildings, and our schools.