Fire Protection for Cranford residents began in 1892 when the township purchased a hose wagon to extinguish fires, a major improvement over the inefficient bucket brigade. Over a century later, the Cranford Fire Department continues its mission to provide protection and prevention of fire to the residence of this township.

The Cranford Fire Department is a full-service emergency services organization dedicated to serving the community by protecting life, property, and the environment. We provide comprehensive fire, emergency medical, and rescue response services as well as public education, fire prevention, and community risk reduction programs. With one centrally-located fire station, we can quickly respond anywhere within the Township of Cranford. We are committed to providing the highest level of public safety service for our community. Our membership is made up of full-time dual role Firefighter/Emergency Medical Technicians, part-time Emergency Medical Technicians, and volunteer Call Firefighters. We operate a comprehensive Fire Prevention Bureau focused on community risk reduction through public education, code enforcement, fire investigation, and Youth Fire-setter Intervention activities. We also host one of the County's only Fire Explorer programs, offering high school-aged youth an opportunity to participate in ride-along, receive training, and learn about the Fire and Emergency Services community.