Message from the President

New Beginnings.

Welcome to 2019! This is the year for you and your business to reach new heights. And the
Cranford Area Chamber of Commerce, YOUR Chamber, will be with you all the way to the top.

This year we will be focusing on our members, working with (and for) you to make sure that your 
needs are met, and that you find great value in membership and participation.

We will be rolling out several new programs and events that will help you succeed, and have some fun in the process! After all, if you’re not having some fun, why bother? 😉

Again, this is YOUR Chamber. And we need and want your input and participation. We’ll be
reaching out regularly, asking for your guidance and letting you know how and when you can get involved. Committee meetings will be open to all members. We’d love you to attend and shape our future.

Have a thought or idea that you’d like to share? Feel free to shoot me an email anytime at
[email protected] We look forward to hearing from you, and making YOUR Chamber the place to be!!

Remember to follow our Facebook page to keep up on all of our events and goings-on. And visit our website to see our member directory, so that you can easily do business with, and utilize the services of, the great organizations and shops that grace our local towns.

We look forward to seeing you!

Tg Glazer, President