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Cranford Polling Locations:

Municipal Building – 8 Springfield Avenue, Districts 3-7-26, Room 7

Livingston Avenue School – Livingston Avenue, Districts 4-6-14-15, Auditorium/Gym

Bloomingdale Avenue School – 200 Bloomingdale Avenue, Districts 8-12-30, Auditorium/Gym

Orange Avenue School – 901 Orange Avenue, Districts 9-18-20-28, Girls Gym

Cranford High School – 201 West End Place, Districts 16-23, Lower Gym

Brookside Place School – 700 Brookside Place, Districts 17-19-22-24, Auditorium/Gym

Walnut Avenue School – 370 Walnut Avenue, Districts 2-10-25-29, Auditorium/Gym

Community Center – 220 Walnut Avenue, District 1, Lounge

Hillside Avenue School – 125 Hillside Avenue, Districts 11-27, Room #49

Lincoln School – 132 Thomas Street, Districts 5-13-21, Auditorium/Gym