Helen K. Baldwin Nursery School (PreK, 2 1/2-5 yrs.)


Helen K. Baldwin Nursery School
First Presbyterian Church
11 Springfield Avenue, Cranford
(908) 276-1166
[email protected]


The school is part of the Christian Education program of the First Presbyterian Church of Cranford, New Jersey. It is licensed by the Bureau of Licensing of the New Jersey Division of Youth and Family Services (DYFS).

Our purpose is to offer children an educational and social experience in a Christian atmosphere. The children are grouped with others of their own age and maturity in large, airy, well-equipped rooms by state approved teachers.

Nursery School provides the transition for children from the security of home life to the larger world into which they will be growing. We are pleased to offer your child a rich early childhood experience. Our teachers provide a warm, loving atmosphere giving you the assurance that your child will be seen as a unique and capable individual.